About us

Our Parish

Where two Parishes became one

In 2012 the Parishes of St Jospeh’s, Benwell and St Bede’s, Denton Burn joined together to become a new Parish – All Saints.

About our Church

The parish was erected in 1937 to serve an area of new housing. The present church was built in 1958 from designs by E.A. Gunning. It has since been altered.

The orientation has been turned through forty five degrees, so that ritual east is actually facing south; this description follows conventional liturgical orientation. In order to keep the church on the same level as its approach, concrete piers support the building. The church walls are finished in roughcast cement render, while the roof is covered in single-membrane PVC. The nave windows project in oriel fashion, so that the eaves have a zig-zag plan and the resulting projections rise to meet tapered sloping roofs. A simple elongated pyramid stands on a short rod over the ridge of the sanctuary. There is a short sloping path down to the west narthex, with a projecting canopy over double doors.

Inside, the roof has a shallow parabolic profile with recessed diagonally-ribbed plaster coffering over the sanctuary. The inward-tapering ambo of dark stone is raised on two steps, while a third leads to the altar of similar stone and the snecked stone canted support for the central tabernacle. A timber-clad font with wide timber cover stands below the sanctuary steps. The pews are well made, with back rails and solid ends.

Times of Mass

There is no longer a Saturday Vigil Mass at St Bede’s. The nearest Saturday Vigil Mass is at St George’s, Bell’s Close.

Mass Times at St Bede’s are as follows: